Date:September 5, 2020

Place:Room 229(2F), National Taipei University College of Law (San Shia Campus)

09:30-09:40Opening Speech:Shih-Tung Chuang
Guest Speech:I-Ching Tu
Guest Speech:Shing-I Liu
09:40-11:10Panel 1:「法院、民主與民粹」

Chair:Chia-Shin Hsu
Speaker:Chun-Yuan Lin
Fake News, Democraitic crisis and the court —A study on adjudications of the Social Order Maintainance Act
Speaker:Hsi-Ping Schive
The Paradox of Constitutional Democracy: Reflections on Jeremy Waldron’s Critique of Judicial Review
Speaker:Hung-Ju Chen
How Should Judges Decide a Case of Civil Disobedience? A Preliminary Study of the Duty to Protect Democracy
13:00-14:00Panel 2:「選舉與民主」

Chair:Shu-Perng Hwang
Speaker:Po-Liang Chen
Transparency 2.0: Political Campaigns in the Era of Artificial Intelligence
Speaker:Yen-Tu Su
The Competitiveness of the Parliamentary District Elections in Taiwan: Measurement and Assessment
14:10-15:40Panel 3:「反滲透法」

Chair:Chia-yin Chiang
Speaker:Yu-An Hsu
On the Justification and Conditions of Criminal Law to Defend Democracy
Speaker:Jyh-huei Chen
Analysis and Suggestions on the Legislation of Anti-infiltration Act
Speaker:Cheng-En Sung
Is Regulation of Foreign Agents a Good Tool in Combating Media Disinformation Campaign?
15:40-16:00Tea Break
16:00-17:30Round Table Conference:「中國影響下的民主」

Chair:Chao-Ju Chen
Panelist:Chueh-An Yen
Panelist:Jieh-min Wu
Panelist:Fang-Hua Chung
17:30-Closing Speech:Shih-Tung Chuang